the shamanic perspective

The Truth is in our body wisdom, this is actually the zero point- when we connect into universal truth. This is where the true magic of life unfolds.

'As above so below'. It is then we are able to 'see all', beyond our ego and beyond our intellect.

When we clear our field we connect into the scalar field of the planet in an authentic way. That is when we can 'hear' the truth in our bodies and we can also hear the truth from nature. Not only on a vibratory level but nature will also speak to us if we take the time to listen.

In shamanic tradition the shamans looked to nature for messages, signs and keys. Our interdependence with the planet. They actually dont even look. They stop and feel. Nature will come to us if we create the space for it. So we feel, and hear and interpret with our body knowing.

Nature can become our greatest teacher if we allow it. Then we are paying it the highest form of respect-  we are bringing it into our community- with no separation. Honoring it with the quality of our listening.