DNA is often perceived in popular science writing akin to a data bank of information. This is not an up-to-date or accurate analogy: DNA doesn't store information any more than a computer stores the internet. Rather, DNA is an antenna that rececives the information we need, it is not the holder of the information itself.

So with the help of DNA, our cells are transmitters and recievers, they interact with the subtle energy fields in our environment. Through a process of transduction (cellular communication) they are open receptors to any and every form of energetic transmission. When we are with the trees in the forest. they will pick up on the subtle energies of the trees, if we are in a crystal shop, they are being influenced by the properties inherent in the geometric structure of the crystals (fractals) that serve as information transmitters.

The cell is based upon a crystalline matrix of water which is an electromagnetic sensor for the energy of everything it comes into contact with. It has the ability to change depending on the field (information) it is exposed to.

So if you are exposed to a field carrying disruptive information near yourself (say for instance Wifi or the emissions of a cellphone) your cells can no longer 'hear the music' of the planets, including our own, or the trees or the crystals anymore. Indeed, there is a danger that the chaotic information field that surrounds such technology will end up distorting genetic code from which proteins are manufactured - and that is clearly not a desirable outcome.

Our cells, via our DNA, have become compromised by the unnatural fields that we unwittingly entrain ourselves to. All we know is that we become scrambled, tired and sometimes ill. Our life force diminishes. So the beginning of the journey is to clear our DNA and reinforce our vitality through right pattern of association with nature.

How does this work? Through the communication medium of the life itself: scalar waves. Also known as standing waves, scalar is nature's information highway, and it works more effectively than any manmade network.