The term frequency in its most common usage describes the number of events within a particular unit of time (for example waves or pulses per second). In that usage it is also called temporal frequency, to distinguish it from two further usages in physics, 'angular frequency' and 'spatial frequency'.

When it comes to describing frequency in the context of communication and transfer of information as utlised by life, the phenomenon we are most interested in with regard to LIfespace technology, refering to it as "events per unit of time" or cycles per second (measured in Herz, or Hz) quickly loses relevance. There are a multitude of 'frequency languages' operating within the earths' field. All living things recieve and transmit a frequency through transduction (the movement of information and/or energy). This has been documented in plant bio-acoustics and research as to the frequency range of differnt animals and their 'hearing' capabilities- variations from 10-150,000 Hz! However much of subtle communication takes place beyond the dimension of time. This is where the pheonmenon of frequency takes on a more mysterious form.

The fields generated by Lifespace technology hold frequency in a form that is beyond time. Lifespace operates in the scalar domain, and it is a characteristic of scalar waves that they operate beyond time, and as such the information is presented in fractal form rather than in a time-varying manner. What this means is that the time axis has been collapsed, and any frequency information is transformed into a pattern (fractal) that describes the time dimension (and other dimensions besides, as fractals are multidimensional) without being subject to time itself.

It is interesting to note that human ego cannot exist beyond space and time. Indeed it is defined in part by those physical quantities. Lifespace sets out to inspire the embodiment, via resonance, of states of being that similarly are beyond space and time, and thus are also free of ego.