patterns in nature

Everything on this planet has patterns in its structure- Music has a pattern when we hear it that is ‘music to our ears’ but it also has a vibratory pattern, which we call resonance. So on one level we are hearing it, but on a deeper level we are feeling it. Nature also has these patterns. We walk in the woods and we see a tree, our eyes recognise the pattern of the tree, but underneath our cells are feeling the tree- connecting in with the tree life, story and family.   

And deep inside, we embrace the story of the tree. So do the minerals and crystals have their stories. They are the stories handed down from the millions of years of mineraloid evolution.

So when we buy a crystal, we are connecting to a piece of a very old story. And these stories are gathered from all over  the world. Different regions have different stories, different energies. Northern energies are different to southern energies, sky energies and ice energies to heat and tropical energies.