The protection provided by lifespace comes in many forms. One of these is provided thanks to the use of Shungite. It is not only the buffering from EMF and electrosmog that the component shungite enables, but protection is provided by enhancing a higher grade of cellular resonance between your cells and their resonance to the other constituant elements of the Lifespace field. Shungite is able to facilitate this with its unique structural composition. It not only acts as a carrier wave for the other components, but also provides the holding space for the activation of this union to take place.

Carbon 60, the primary component of shungite when switched into a higher gear by the special alchemy of the lifespace unit releases a multidimensional signature which in turn permeates your home field, entering your auric field and cellular field (through scalar waves). This balances your meridians (your body's energetic highway) allowing for a clearer flow of energy and placing a natural protective cage around your body. The result is that harmful waves are not able to pass through its structural shield - allowing your etheric body to hold it's natural shape in a strengthened form. Shungite additionally has the capacity to alter the ionic polarity of any radiation with which it is incompatible- and by eliminating this polarisation the body is able to return to its natural harmonic state.