Shungite C60

Humans are carbon based lifeforms, that means in terms of our energetic makeup there is a particular vibrational signature from which our bodies are composed, and which we resonate with. Shungite is the natural mineral with the highest proportion of natural fullerenes (C60) on this planet - though they are found in the atmosphere, a result of the lightening discharges that form a resonance field that makes up part of the protective layer around the earth.

The straight mineralogical definition of Shungite is as follows:  A 98% carbon, non-crystalline, non-graphite, structurally heterogeneous, vitreous, black mineral with a semi-metallic shine. And the highest quality Shungite is found only in one location – in the area called Karelia on the Finnish-Russian border, near the town of Shunga from where its name derives.

Extensive research into its properties has discovered that natural fullerenes derived from Shungite normalise cellular metabolism, increase enzyme activity, stimulate the regeneration of tissues, increase the resistance of human body cells and also possess anti-inflammatory properties. In addition Shungite is able to combat and neutralise toxins in the body and assists in repairing wounds. Used as a tool in healing, Shungite works primarily with the 3 lower chakras, it mainly focuses its energy in the root chakra and with this grounding can be a catalyst for growth, transformation and positive change.

The use of shungite in the Lifepace unit is significant. The scalar generators within the unit amplify and expand its natural field, and in this way its properties can be extended to cover an entire building. The result of this is that living beings within that space have a natural (carbon) reference signature to tune into, to replace that which is present in nature but often completely drowned out by manmade electromagnetic pollution in living or working environments (both mains electricity and manmade radiation from wireless technology are responsible for introducing confusing and chaotic signals into the environment, as are building materials and methods that are indifferent to the delicate nature of our needs to connect to the Earth, nature and the Cosmos).

Additionally, the expanded field of Shungite can operate directly upon the environment in a cleansing manner, which many users of Lifespace have reported: the air can seem fresher. This can be explained by observing that Shungite's ionic charge is negative, and when its field encounters toxic materials, known overwhelmingly to have a positive charge, it has the capacity to reverse this spin. This effect is not as extreme as an air ioniser, which produces a shower of negative ions, but it has a subtle neutralising function which can be tangible, and which carries none of the side-effects of air ionisation (most ionisers produce by-products such as ozone).