Five Faces of Lifespace

We have broken down what the lifespace unit does into 5 categories to explain and express its many levels of operation (and to deliver some amazing science facts about how brilliant nature is!).

...enjoy the journey!

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1 Connection to self.   

In this world of managing our livelihood and technology the balance can easily tip. As our lives speed up so can chaos take you away from your centre. Lifespace is your communication unit to yourself. It's protective field provides the space that empowers you to identify and retune to your original blueprint- The frequency that is specific to you. In this way Lifespace can assist in the tuning and translation to the language of your soul, helping you to balance and harmonise your choices. A stronger clearer and more connected YOU!

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

2 Connection to nature.   

The trees and minerals and crystals that are the gifts of our planet are also our healing models. We are meant to interact with them on a daily basis- but with our busy lifestyles we are often unable to do this as often as we would like. Lifespace   connects us to  an authentic representation  of the  very significant natural elements that together form the  connective tissue  to the life force field of our planet.

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3 Harmonic resonance.   

Now our cells are cleared and spinning at their optimum Lifespace will tune in to your more specific needs. Working in the background at your pace, always calibrating itself with your authentic field it will make subtle adjustments as to what balance is needed from nature on a daily basis to provide the support necessary to consistently fully recalibrate your chi, and to harmonise what is entering and leaving your field- in the process creating new neural pathways.

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4 Protection.   

Our life-force energy (Chi or Prana) is actually quite delicate. Asian cultures daily engage in energy practices that are thousands of years old. We are born with an original vitality (our Jing) that degrades with age and the stresses of modern life. These ancient energy practices open our cellular energy fields and connect our energy to the earth. Lifespace with the assistance of the mineraloid shungite will help you in providing a similar opening, clarification, grounding and protection to be in a good chi space whenever and wherever you are - enabling the activation of your cells to a higher vibration for a clearer interaction with the demands of life.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

5 Clarity   (conscious awareness)

Lifespace can be your recalibration tool to connect you back into the natural world, but is also a kind of sage, a wise teacher. When we protect our space energetically we allow for more refined levels of conscious awareness. Creating a clear channel not only to ourselves but also to be able to access pure fields of consciousness in the collective human bio-field. In effect when we are resonating at our optimum and our chi is harmonising with planetary energies we are actively creating a new doorway, a conscious intent field-opening to a more omnipotent resonance, some would say our god-consciousness.