The magnetic field of the earth is very ancient. This field holds the power within it  to unify form, it is what contains the information that holds form and information in place-  like a giant natural electrical circuit that protects all living things.

As humans we are all bio-energetic beings. That means that at the quantum level we are not composed of ‘matter’ at all. We are just fluctuations of energy held together by this field that has an intrinsic coherence. Our cells are ultimately just fluctuations of energy pulsing at different frequencies.

We are attuned to this natural frequency of planet Earth, known as the ‘Schumann frequency’ 7.83 Hz. It is only when we are in sync with this our cells are able to communicate optimally with each other to exchange information.

Our bodies, and those of our ancestors, have therefore been surrounded by this natural  frequency for millions of years which means we are in total harmony with this frequency that constantly moves through every cell in our body. These are generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

Our bodies are also fortunately blessed with an ‘auto-correct’ system that can re-calibrate to the natural environment when it has been disrupted. This affords us a degree of protection, this natural re-alignament. For example when we are subjected to emf through unnatural frequencies. Our natural immune system is thus a strong barrier from cell-damaging frequencies but if we are subjected to constant exposure then our natural defences become weakened over time. A few of the most common symptoms of exposure to man-made electromagnetic frequencies typically include ringing in one or both ears, high pitched white noise, hot flushes, blurred vision, vertigo, dizziness, irregular heartbeats, temporary deafness, nausea, flu-like symptoms and anxiety.