The morphogenic field refers to our collective consciousness.

There is an adage that says ‘form follows thought’. As human beings living in the modern world  we have become more than a little addicted to the powers of reason. As the ego can take over

our minds can rule and in most cases over-ride our body wisdom.

So we can look at retraining our minds (through our cells) to balance with body wisdom, as our cells communicate with the field every one of us also by our thoughts are creating a field--a morphic field, and the balance of this - the critical mass has huge ramifications on planetary consciousness.


When we are properly tuned in and clearly resonating we are able to operate at our greatest capacity. This mind/body/spirit linking-in effect collectively creates a potential field of Joy and taps into the Zero point, the unity point beyond ego polarity that is in itself the highest form of  immunity  for our human cells. As a by-product... we also get to emit a pure conscious awareness wave (joy-in-being) into the stratosphere, and by doing this  receive this  gift in return. Quantum connectivity-the alignment with our higher collective nature, the natural refinement of our collective frequency.

It is of particular joy to us to be participating in our own small way with our Lifespace technology: as we help support more and more people in their natural desire to align themselves with a field of Joy, there is a contribution made to the morphogenic field - our collective consciousness. In this way we can create a new world, more resonant with our deepest needs and wishes.