The Science and Spirit of Scalar

Nature's Communication

This is where the world becomes truely magical. The power of thought energy, the power of intention and the omnipotent power of connection - is when scalar energy comes into focus. When we understand the true interconnectivity of every mollecule on this planet, we understand how trees in the forest communicate, how animals communicate, how the minerals, rocks and crystals communicate - this is how our cells communicate, this vast natural network of vibration over distance all is achieved through the scalar field - an instantaneous transmission that is the subtle yet complex language of a communal interconnected soul.

Scalar energy is the elegant form nature has chosen to communicate with itself. And we as humans have been endowed with cellar receptors to decipher this language. DNA communicates across and between cells, instantaneously, using these magnetic scalar waves. The information is transducted from the DNA mollecule, carried by the scalar wave and then transmitted to the other side of the cell (or to other cells), reverberating out into the field, the morphic field, the collective song of our souls with the soul of the sentient and non-sentient Earth at an atomic level.

It is important to understand that scalar information transfer does not rely on any form of directed (vector) transmission. In other words, there is no movement required in space/time for the transmission to take place. The information transfer happens by itself as a result of structural resonance. This describes a process whereby two fields, for example your own, and that set up by our Lifespace technology, co-exist: It is entirely through the similarity between those two fields, that information will transfer. In other words, the fact that our base vibrational state is grounded in the natural world, and the fact that the base vibrational state of the Lifespace field is also grounded in the natural world, is enough to allow us to benefit from it.

Each of us will 'download' from the Lifespace field exactly what we need in any moment. There is no 'transmission' involved in the usual sense, and that is vital: we would be very hesitant to use or offer any technology that would 'put' anything into people. Of course this is exactly the same principle as you will encounter in nature, and mimicking nature is the wisest starting point.

It is a two-way process. We are currently at home here on this planet, it provides for us in so many ways, and we return this privilege by reinstating our wholistic integrity. As we receive for our cells the right 'food' in the form of the right information/energetic input, so we in return offer the planetary grid our own information/energetic input. All through scalar waves.

From another perspective, scalar waves, even if not directly named, were written about thousands of years ago!  - The I-Ching, an incredible Taoist resource, describes exactly this phenomenon.