Around every living system is found an energy field in the form of a torus – the torsion field. Due to its geometry, there is a constant movement of energy into and out of the centre of that field, via the auric field around the body. That process can be described as transduction, which is the movement of energy from one form to another. In this way it can be said that there is a movement of energy from Spirit into the body.

This is where it gets interesting, as there is a power play in force here.  Do we have control over this proces? Can we elect to absorb into our cellular matrix a wholistic 'truth'? 

Can we hold the balance of giving our cells more of what is right for them so they entrain to a clearer resonance? To entrain our cells to the fractal representation of wholistic elements, of nature's authentic representation, could arguably be the most vital element in our personal evolution.

EMF radiated from electrical sources and wireless technologies interferes with this transduction process by scrambling the information carried within that energy. It therefore becomes all the more important within the modern environment to ensure that we pay attention to the sources of what we transduct, even if the process doesn't seem under our conscious control.

Human consciousness concerns itself with levels of attention. Attention is directed at something (consciousness on the other hand is everywhere). Attention gives rise to awareness. And so awareness is consciousness in action. The promotion of increased awareness comes about through the increased transfer of information through transduction into the body.