Trees offer an ideal symbol and inspiration for how we would ideally process energy in our body. Their roots form the basis of visualisation for many 'grounding meditations', and their crown in many ways represents the crown chakra of human beings. Mature trees operate as large scalar antennas. Their field can be perceived far and wide.

Early on in our research for the development of Lifespace technology we discovered one of the major challenges for human beings in the urban environment to be the fact that the crown chakra appears to collapse whenever we are exposed to wi-fi (WLAN) routers, and particularly when there are multiple sources of wi-fi. The search for a crown chakra strengthening element led very quickly to trees, and the tangible support they give even just from standing near to one.

The Lifespace field generator module amplifies a number of fractal information signatures, and one of these is derived from particular trees, chosen for the way in which they interact directly with the crown chakra and give it support. The impact of this is tangible as soon as the device is switched on.

Of course there is nothing quite like standing under a mature oak tree and allowing its silent wisdom to inspire us to the core of our being, but in the absence of that within a living or working environment, we have an echo of that - one part of many elements of the Lifespace field - to offer.